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Eddie: No contest.

Qashqai by a billion miles. The 1. Frankly I stifled a smile at the 'road-holding' and 'comfort' bits. The Tiida isn't at the races. Buy the Qashqai and stop worrying.

Used Nissan Qashqai Cars for Sale | CarShop | CarShop

I have no car at the moment because I didn't need one and my partner's got us around when we required. What I find from prices published in the papers and on online is how little difference there is in the price of a and what a new car would cost me each month. Should I spend my own money on a good two-year-old or buy a ? Aidan: I am afraid I have more questions than answers but that is a good thing because I think you need to do some more homework on car finance. I would like to know what cash deposit you have and your own personal preference for car ownership.

Do you know, today, that you ultimately want to own the car outright at the end of a finance deal? How long do you want to keep the car for? Would you like to regularly trade up to a new model every 36 months or so?

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If you have a large cash deposit somewhere north of 30pc of the purchase price and think that you want to own the car after an agreed loan period, then Hire Purchase and buying the car outright might be the way to go. There is loads of information available on PCP but the gist is that you finance an agreed rate of depreciation on the car after the initial deposit has been paid.


The reason the cost of a two year old and a new car on PCP looks so similar is for this very reason. The two-year-old car on regular HP is at a higher rate of APR but geared towards the final payment resulting in you taking full ownership of the car to dispose with as you please or keep driving it. There is still an optional important to note 'optional' final payment required in order to take full ownership. I can't say if one finance option is better than the other. Only you can decide that. What I can say is that you won't go wrong with any of the three superminis you are considering.

Nissan Qashqai car review: 10 things you need to know

Eddie: Buy the car unless you are getting more than 4pc on deposit for your money and if you are you might let the country know with whom because the banks are paying nearly zero percent they know how to charge heavily for a loan though. You will own the car and be putting your money to use rather than have it lying there doing nothing. But I think you are a Ford Fiesta buyer. Just an instinct. I think you two boyos are biased.

Ye are always plugging the same brands. I won't tell ye what I drive because ye'd say ye have mentioned it too. It's becoming predictable what ye are going say but here goes anyway - if ye bother to publish this. My wife needs a new car, three or four years old, that will take three big children 12, 14, 16 to school in the town on her way to work. Our existing car is nearly beat.

Used Nissan Qashqai for sale

So what should we buy? I have a small van. Aidan: I am reminded of the saying "when you are explaining, you are losing", but just in case your sentiment is shared among others let me dispel any myth that we are biased. Firstly, there aren't any right or wrong answers. Readers ask for our opinions and that's what they get.

I have given this much thought and considered if we really are guilty of being repetitive so I counted all of the unrepeated models we recommended over the last four weeks. We averaged more than five unique cars per question. Not sure if that is good or bad but it sounds fairly impartial to me. The fact and reality is that we always put the reader first. We will be damned if we try to encompass all models purely on the grounds that somebody else thinks that we should name-check another manufacturer at some point lest we appear biased towards one or another.

That, and not what we do every week, would be utterly disingenuous to readers. There are so many more reasons for recommending a car than we can possibly expand upon in each question. And don't forget we have to deal with readers with different budgets. A model from might not be the same model in So if I recommend it two weeks in a row, am I guilty of recommending the same car? You might say 'yes'. I would tend to disagree. What if the reader missed a similar recommendation from the week or two weeks before? We need to address each reader's needs from square one.

Now, with my throat well and truly cleared, let's tackle that family motor for you. First off, good budget; loads of choice here.

Go the MPV route, it makes most sense. The Grand Picasso is more readily available so choice of mileage and colours will be better. Throw the Peugeot into the mix here too, because it's so similar in performance to the Picasso. The Ford S-Max is a bit more stylish and the build quality is excellent but like-for-like model years will cost a little more than the others. Ideally a Galaxy would be great but they were mid-forties brand new compared to early 30s for the others so you will have to buy an older one and that could not will mean more mileage.

Cracking engine and good space with a tall seating position.

Used Nissan Qashqai

Often overlooked but a very good proposition. Still reckon you're probably best off in a Grand Picasso in terms of availability, running costs, specification, price and desirability when the time comes to trade it back in. Best of luck with your decision. Why Build Your Deal? Convenient Search 's of cars and build a deal that suits your needs from the comfort of your own home!

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