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It didn't cut as well as i liked so I ordered a skip tooth chain for it and it really does a great job. This saw is commercial quality. It has huge power and cuts smooth,it will handle any wood with ease. The service and shipping was amazing. We have a ranch with lots of trees. Easy to start and operate as described. Saw cuts like a champ. I hope it will last in the long run. Only draw back is it is mostly plastic. All other saws I own are older but made of metal.

You could see signs of prior usage, But unnoticeable at 5'. Awesome buy! If it didnt come in a box saying it was refurbished I wouldn't have known it was other than the primerd bar, this thing looks and runs like new! I will for sure be shopping here in the future for saws. I couldnt be happier, Thanks vminovations for the great deal!!!!!!! Thank you very much for such a quick delivery. After putting in the correct gas mix and chain oil it started right up, no problems.

The recent winds had blown down a couple large limbs from one of the trees out back, so I had a good excuse to try out this new beast.

Believe me it did NOT take long to have a pile of eighteen inch logs cut up. This saw runs like a stripped assed ape does through butter. Turned out to be a sweet deal for me when someone was so foolish as to return it back to the dealer. The only reason I can think of someone doing such a thing like that is, the Husky was to much saw for them. Caburateur compartment full of dirt. I think they took a returned item, boxed it up with no service and sold it as refurbished.

Thankfully the saw runs fine - no complaints there, the saw is great - but 'original condition' light years from the truth! Husqvarna is a great product, can't tell it is refurbished! The new saw was shipped promptly and arrived with a new blade and bar. The only signs of use were some light scuffs on the bottom of the plastic housing. A copy of the operators manual was included. The rancher started right up and I have run about 8 tanks of gas cutting fire wood.

Compared to my old saw, this one is quieter and starts easier. Very happy with the purchase so far and hope it runs as trouble free as my Husky I LOVE my new saw.

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Very happy - it's everything that I hoped it would be. I looked it over upon arrival and could not tell that it was refurbished. Runs and operates very well. Appreciated the easy to use website and quick turn around time. We received what we ordered within a few days. Great product. Easy start. One con is that the bar oil doesn't seem to keep the chain lubricated enough, even though the adjustment is set to max.

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I use this saw for cutting firewood every week for the past couple of months. The best chainsaw that I've ever owned. We use wood heat almost exclusively and a good chainsaw is must have for cutting trees. The price was right, it arrived quickly, and worked well initially.

We did have to take it in for a minor repair after one week, as the oil line was not reattached well inside the saw. It was a refurbish, and apparently someone was in a hurry. We couldn't get inside to reattach the line ourselves, but the shop we took it to had it done almost immediately, and the minimal cost was covered under warranty.

Overall, we are very happy with this company and this product. Easy Start,and works for you, not you working for the saw. Worth every penny, best investment I ever made. Really fast shipping. The saw was pretty clean except for the air cleaner. This saw needed carb replacement, which was covered under Husqvarna warranty. I will use their services again. Husky makes a great product.

It was almost impossible to tell that this was a factory reconditioned product it looked brand new.

VMInnovations Coupons & Promo Codes 5% off

The saw was very easy to assemble and started on the third pull. This saw is a powerhouse the 55cc engine and 20 inch bar takes on any tree I throw at it. I have to say this was the deal of the year, great price and great quality. Absolutely exceeded my expectations. Purchased after Hurricane Sandy and has performed flawlessly. Have felled numerous monster trees and cut up countless others. My new favorite thing! My fourteen year old wanted a larger name brand saw but he did not want the big price.

I had not heard of VMInnovations so I did some homework and I decided the price for this refurbised Rancher was very fair and worth taking a chance. I am more than satisfied with my purchase! The shipping was outstanding!! I was amazed to say the least. The saw I received was very clean and has many new parts, including the bar and chain, but you can tell it has been used in the past.

I have not used this paticular saw yet but I used one like it years ago as a tree trimmer. I ran over the one I used back then with a 2 ton bucket truck while clearing a powerline right of way.

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It smashed it in the dirt, bent the handle and cracked some of the plastic but I was able to straighten the handle and continue using it for the rest of the week. Many of the negative reviews I have read lead me to believe that most problems mentioned are caused by operator error rather than faulty equipment, or unrealistic expectations of what was being purchased. If you want a new saw, go buy a new one and spend more than twice as much.

I fully expect this saw to perform as good or better than I expect. From very helpful customer service to an as new condition item I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The chainsaw I have used for years cutting wood for our home heat and around our home finally gave out I could not afford a new saw at this time so looked into refurbished and was drawn to the Husky through my friends who love the ones they use. The price was right, I received it very quickly, and was very pleased with the looks of the saw I had a little trouble getting the saw blade on but it is set up a little different than my old saw.

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