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So it is difficult to try to sell them the same stuff every time they come in. I would reccomend for people to tan there if they make good money and want a good quality tan, but I would not reccomend even to my worst enemy to work there. Unless you are looking for just a short term job and you like cut throat sales, because it is almost impossible to get promoted. I don't want to bash STC or the employees there, to each his own, but in my personal opinion- dont work there. I completley agree I was told I was going to become ASD and there was about 7 people hired for it before I quit, and each of them lasted no longer then a couplemonths.

Three of them lasted a couple days. Sun iTan City does not care a thing about their employees, or their customers. They are very selfish business people. I liked the people I worked with besides the Salon Directer and the Upper management whom had their own clique. Definatley would not reccomend this job, people should support their local businesses who for the most part seem to treat their employees good.

STC is going to have a representative in the next comment stand up for their company because they look up everything that is said about them on the internet, even on employees facebook pages and corrects themselves. I suppose that is a good thing, except they always just make up excuses. STC how about you stop treating your employees like?

Care about your customers more? You've done a lot for Kentucky it seems like, you would be a good company if you didn't fire people over everything. Nobody wants to work for you. She was told by the STC employee that she could use it towards a months tanning and the balance of the month pro-rated amount only would be charged to her card and she could cancel before the end of the month so no additional charges would be made.

When she visited STC yesterday in Richmond, Kentucky, she was told she couldnt cancel untill next month and that her card would be charged again on the first of October. She tried to get the manager to understand what she was told by the STC employee when she signed up and the manager was very rude to her and told her that the girl who helped her no longer worked there and this is the way it is. I called the corp. Next step will be for us to contact our attorney to file consumer fraud complaint against them.

Anyone want to injoin in a class action suit? Neither one of us have ever had any complaints about this specific STC. As for the girl who doesn't like the auto-withdrawals. Guess what, you know exactly what day it's coming out of your account so why don't you just make sure you HAVE that money in your account before it comes out and causes overdraft fees? That place is almost always busy. This STC location is wonderful and we're both really glad we've become members there.

Sun Tan City is a scam for money. I told her not often at all and I just wanted to go about a month before winter. She said this membership would be great for me and a I also paid a prorated about for the rest of November. If they would have said this is a monthly fee that I will be charged I wouldn't have signed, and when I am in line with people behind me, and I ask this if this is just the monthly amount, I didn't take the time to read the fine print considering they never even explained the details of the membership.

I'm going to cancel as soon as I go back this week and am going to complain about the false advertising. I am also going to advise all of my friends and peers at school that Sun Tan City is not a good choice, don't let all the fancy equipment fool you! Also, one day I had gone in a tanning bed and I was in for slightly over a minute out of the ten minutes, when it shut off.

I had been in it for not even a minute and a half and called the front desk and they specifically said "It says you were in ten minutes, sorry". How could I have been in there ten minutes if I was given the five minutes to undress and only 6 minutes had gone by since I was in the room?? I let that slide by and left assuming something had malfunctioned with the bed.. Ok, as a fromer employee of kentucky's suntan city, someone who left and did not in my opinion leave on the best terms With that said, YES they will ask you to buy lotions!

Because that's what they are PAID to do! YES they will continue to ask you to buy lotions! Cause that's what they're PAID to do! I have been in customer service since I was 16 years of age. Sorry but if you sign any document without reading or understanding the document then you deserve what ever is coming to you lol Get over it. If you don't like how it is run, tuff [censored]. I still get to tan for the rest of the month and I'm worry free of another transaction lol So with that said I will be off to the gym in a bit follwed by the place you all HATE?!?!

HURRY! 15 FREE Pairs of Hubble Daily Contact Lenses (Just Pay $1 for Shipping!)

Do we have a forum on keyboards? I have heard the financial backers of STC include Mr. Wow- Interesting comments, Don't know why I feel compelled to add mine. However, I bet "Victoria" if she is real is horrified at what her former employees wrote. The tone of the comments are so nasty poorly written.

No wonder they are not employees anymore. Thanks to the rest of you for the heads up to proceed with caution at STC. I would like to tell my story with STC. When I went into tan I fiqured I could at least have times to tan, boy was I fooled. They started with this thing I couldn't use it without buying a membership.

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I bought a membership. Something I would never do again.

Is Exfoliating Before Tanning Bad For Your Skin? Here's Why You Shouldn't Skip The Scrub

Then they begin to tell me all about all these different things that was very confusing. I started to pay for the balance of the membership minus the Gift Cert.


I never heard anyone refusing cash. I didn't think about it but now they have my debit card informaton and my fingerprint. Which is totally uncall for. I had time to think about it. And feel like this is totally wrong. I went in today to tan and didn't have my lotion. Don't they know we are in a recession and this is a small town. We treat all our clients like family and would like the chance to show each and every one of you how enjoyable tanning in a facility like ours can be. We custom match your lotion with a skin anaylsis to your exact needs for a killer tan, with unbelievable results, while taking care to preserve your skin for years to come.

Get Luminous For Less

We offer tanning, paint-on tans, hair, nails, facials, waxing, body wraps, massage, and classes for adults and kids: Dance, Kickboxing, Zumba etc. We're a one stop shopping experience and our clients think we rock! But then so do they! Sorry Tan City!!

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That math doesn't add up!! First, I'd like to thank STC for the lovely 5 week training program they so conveniently condensed into 3 days for me. They were so busy buying out Palm Beach Tan, my company before, i guess they forgot to consider, without training, how the hell does anyone transition into a new role? They preached the importance of a good attitude, when my own staff didn't even feel comfortable going to my DM Brandi Maubach because she is such a to everyone. Here's a clue losers Not even Miley Cyrus Don't preach to me about how to sell tanning lotions.

You're a hypocrite, you're a liar and you're going to be alone for the rest of your life, so you're best bet is to quit fooling yourself, go buy another pack of Camel Crush cigarettes and get to smoking , because at best, all we can hope for, is an early demise and a complete refrain of reproduction on your part.

To begin, I'd like to say YOU and that fake ing smile you wear day in and day out.

Tanning Salon Prices

It's almost funny to me how you think you're sooo hot because you eat like a man everyday and don't gain weight. And just for your knowledge MALissa, wtf kind of redneck is that anyway??? Tomorrow I am going to the Labor Board, and after that, I have a meeting with an attorney. You losers buried yourselves and as I've heard from someone today "Karma is a ". Info for all of you with complaints about sun tan city i do as well just close your credit or debit account and open a new account that they can't touch.

They think they can still get the money from you but they won't get anywhere with that I know because I work at a bank and have seen it done with other companies trying to get away with these same practices. Believe me stc doesn't need the publicity of trying to persue claims against former customers in light of all the unhappy customers they have. At some point the bbb will get involved with them. They will not stay in business very many years because of their lack of attention to detail such as changing their bulbs regularly.

That is why they have to push the lotion they sell to cover up the fact that the bulbs are dead. Those lotions have self tanner in them. You would tan overnight at home with these lotions without a tanning bed. The quality of the booth and the type of mist it uses will determine how much you will have to pay.

Some booths allow you to select the type of shade you want and these sophisticated booths charge more. The better the tanning bed the more you will have to pay. Memberships and packages offer discounted tanning pricing plans all the time and some of them are permanent or semi-permanent.